BlaBlaBus a new long distance bus competitor | News
Posted: 05.03.2019

From Ouibus acquisition to FlixBus competitor

The acquisition project would enable BlaBlaCar to widen its offer, which will also be open to other local bus partners and operators across Europe. It would increase its ability to address differing travel needs such as advance and last-minute booking, price sensitivity and destination granularity. The platform expects significant cross-selling from this enriched offer, benefitting casual car drivers wishing to share their rides as well as bus partners distributing trips on BlaBlaCar.

Roland de Barbentane, CEO of Ouibus, said: “This is an exciting time in the history of Ouibus, and a project that could take us further in our international expansion. We are very proud to hit the road at BlaBlaCar’s side. They have been leading a pioneering new vision of mobility for more than ten years, and have played a huge part in taking French innovation to the world.”

Guillaume Pepy, President of SNCF, added: “We are convinced that to offer more trains, we need to offer more than trains. We need to be able to offer our travellers the possibility to go from departure point to destination, by combining sustainable modes of transport with a railway backbone. This joint project aims to make our customers’ journeys easier, and reduce the single occupancy of cars on the road.”

BlaBlaCar is also announcing a €101 million investment involving SNCF and existing investors. This investment supports BlaBlaCar’s ambition to become the go-to global marketplace for road travel.

Could BlaBlaBus be aiming for a strategic exit by FlixBus acquisition?


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